Looking for help transferring items


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    Looking for help transferring items

    Post by Astardbay on Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:33 am

    Edit:All done, thanks.

    I have to trade items between 2 characters of mine, I'm willing to let you chose a few to keep for yourself, but understand there's also a few I won't give away haha

    Choose some of these(Please only take a few if you want things there's more than 1 of)
    Souvenir of Reprisal
    Dragon Eye
    3 Eyes of Death
    6 Purging Stones
    14 Transient Curses
    22 Homeward Bones
    5 Silver Coins
    Dried Finger
    17 titanite Shards
    17 Blue titanite Chunks
    11 Red titanite Chunks
    Barbed Straight Sword +5
    Occult Flamberge +5
    Falchion +5
    Shotel +5
    Iaito +5
    Butcher Knife
    Divine Scythe +4
    Notched Whip +14
    Claw +5
    Dragonslayer Greatbow +2
    Beatrice's Catalyst
    Pyromancy Flame +6
    Ivory Talisman
    Effigy Shield
    Heater Shield +5
    Grass Crest Shield
    Silver Knight Shield +1
    Bonewheel Shield
    929 Standard Arrows
    149 Large Arrows
    73 Fire Arrow
    20 Poison Arrow
    Black Iron Set
    Mask of the Father
    Mask of the Mother
    Mask of the Child
    Cloranthy Ring
    Ring of Fog
    Ring of Favor & Protection

    But I need these for myself
    13 Sunlight Medals
    Soul of a Hero
    Soul Of Moonlight Butterfly
    Soul of Quelaag
    2 Cores of an Iron Golem
    2 Souls of Gwyndolin
    Soul of Gwyn
    Gold Coin
    49 Large titanite Shards
    17 titanite Chunks
    20 Green titanite Shards
    21 White titanite Chunks
    White titanite Slab
    12 Twinkling titanite
    Demon titanite
    Dragon Scale
    Priscilla's Dagger +4
    Chaos Darksword +5
    Silver Knight Sword +1
    Black Knight Sword +1
    Cursed Greatsword of Artorias +4
    Jagged Ghost Blade +2
    Murakumo +15
    Lightning Server +5
    Gravelord Sword +3
    Uchigatana +5
    Washing Pole +15
    Chaos Blade +4
    Velka's Rapier
    Ricard's Rapier
    Dragonslayer Spear
    Lifehunt Scythe
    Lightning Short Bow +4
    Longbow +10
    Black Bow of Paris +5
    Skull Lantern
    Crystal Ring Shield
    Spiked Shield
    Crystalline Set
    Brass Set
    Pharis's Hat
    Velka Set
    Eastern Armor +3
    Black Knight Armor +1
    Golem Helm
    Ornstein's Set
    Dark Set
    Sunlight Maggot
    Symbol of Avarice
    Bite Rings
    Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring
    Leo Ring
    Dark Wood Grain Ring
    Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
    Sunlight Straight Sword
    Sunlight Talisman
    Sunlight Shield

    Also know I have other things such as numerous boss souls, all the Black Knight Weapons, and more that I'm just not bothering to trade over, so just ask & if I have it, it's yours.

    My PSN ID is the same as my username, just send me a message.
    The Character I'm taking from is SL 114 & the one I'm giving to is SL 80.

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    Re: Looking for help transferring items

    Post by Abiathar82 on Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:57 pm

    Hi there , I have a deal for you. I also need to transfer quite a few items. If you help me transfer my items , I will help you transfer your and we will call it even happy. Oh also PS ID is Dehsean. I have 10 characters at various SLs , so I am sure we can work it out.

    If you are a BS Fisher , just know that you make baby Jesus cry.

    Lets Trade Stuff

    PS ID = DehSean

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