Is co-op range really 10 + 15%? I think it's 10 + 10% still.


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    Is co-op range really 10 + 15%? I think it's 10 + 10% still.

    Post by retro on Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:20 pm

    TLDR - I think the correct formula is still-
    YOUR LEVEL, + / - (10 + 10% of YOUR LEVEL).

    Although I'm currently testing to see if there may be an expanded range for certain covenant members (just Warrior of Sunlight, or WoW / Subro / Princess?).
    Someone please correct me if they've tested this and know otherwise.

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    Long explanation-

    The client’s level must fall within approximately 10 + 15% (since the 1.05 patch, tested with 78 and 90/88) (above or below) of the host’s level.
    The data I have so far does not agree with this. I think there may be some confusion about how the ranges are calculated, which could have caused people to think the percentage part of the formula is bigger than 10.


    I've done extensive testing of almost every other multiplayer item and their level ranges, and I'm pretty certain that the formula is always calculated from the perspective of the person using the multiplayer item, NOT the host (I can provide specific testing examples if anyone would like). For example (using the 10 + 10% formula)-

    Level 120 player: co-op range is 98 - 142
    Level 144 player: co-op range is 120 - 168

    See what looks like a possible discrepancy there? You have a level 120 player who is 'in range' of the level 144 player, but the level 144 player is not in range of the level 120 player (which ends at 142). So how does this work? It turns out that if the level 144 player leaves a sign, it CAN be seen by the level 120 player because it's in the range of the person using the white sign soapstone. It doesn't matter that it's not in the range when calculated by the person who is actually seeing the signs.

    The way the quote is worded, it sounds like whomever was testing may have been trying to figure out the range from the host's perspective, which can lead to situations where it looks like you're summoning someone higher than 10 + 10% (but you're actually still within their 10 + 10%).


    Or perhaps it is possible that there's an expanded range for certain covenant members (like sunbros), which I'm currently trying to find out. But here's my evidence that 10 + 10% is still the correct 'default' formula.

    Level 70 player (Darkmoon), leaving white signs, summoned by the following levels after many co-op sessions:


    53 at the low end and 87 at the high end matches the 10 + 10% formula exactly. It's possible I've just had bad luck and my sample size isn't large enough yet to confirm 10 + 15%, but the more examples I gather the less likely it seems. It would be a pretty big coincidence to hit the numbers 53 and 87 several times, and a lot of numbers between many times, but never 49-52 or 88-91. I should see those with 10 + 15%.

    Now I'm doing the same testing with the character turned into a sunbro, to see if perhaps the range expands that way. Nothing outside of 10 + 10% yet, but only a very small sample size at this point...

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    Re: Is co-op range really 10 + 15%? I think it's 10 + 10% still.

    Post by XKnightArtoriasX on Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:01 am

    It IS confusing specially when it comes about the covenants, i find it SO random when it comes to which people i can play with: most of the time i use a character lvl 120 and find random summon signs, when i summon someone or two people after we finish the stage boss i add them to my friendlist and ask them if it's possible for them to help me somewhere else, we plan the timing and they drop the summon sign but i can never see them again, i see other summon signs and get invaded but i can never see the people who i summoned them once again.
    I just hope the next souls game cut the lvl range thingy, if you wanna be strong you must lvl up or you'll be weak facing strong invaders or counting on strong phantoms (just my opinion)

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