I got a Question! Answears maybe?


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    I got a Question! Answears maybe?

    Post by Valentine's on Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:54 pm

    I really wanna know. I just got on this Forum and seen alot of diffrent Personalites and i Ask. Who are the ''Good'' guys on this forum? The people that you ''Respect'' or Normaly gives good ideas.

    And who (Not so important.) is the FUNNIEST GUYS on this Fourm? I've some people like ''Jester's Tears''. He becomes somewhat of a Douchbag sometimes (Seen most of his posts big grin ) but he's really funny. (Haven't seen that many but i saw that he was Leaving so i mentioned him :| )

    If this post is somewhat Wrong. Remove it. I don't want any trouble so yeah! (I don't want to know the BIGGEST ''idiots'' on the Forum, that's what i wanna find out myself.)

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    Re: I got a Question! Answears maybe?

    Post by Tolvo on Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:04 pm

    Usually the more humorous people can be found in the Random Off-Topic thread.

    In regards to respect I'd say you should really judge that for yourself. The admins and moderators put in a lot of effort in the site and they are to be respected but other than that you should really just base your opinions off of how people interact with you.

    Reputation is usually a good way to get an idea of who the community likes and often there is a reason why said people are liked.

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    Re: I got a Question! Answears maybe?

    Post by Emergence on Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:06 pm

    I would say it is best to discover that gradually as you post. This is a fantastic community with bright and diverse individuals. Singling anyone out would be unfair to them and yourself. Even someone with a negative reputation is deserving of the benefit of the doubt.

    It is best I lock this thread to avoid any marginalization.

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    Re: I got a Question! Answears maybe?

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