Need a subpar PvE build



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    Need a subpar PvE build

    Post by IV_Mark_VI on Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:16 pm

    Hey guys,

    Really enjoy the game and really enjoy playing something that 'makes sense' as far as that goes in this game. However, game is far too easy. With that in mind, I like trying to play fun builds. Not level 1 challenge runs, but something that makes sense without being overpowered. This is for PvE only.

    The one fit I've found is a wanderer that employs limited magic; a swordsman of vinheim. Scimitar (later a falchion), lowish int, limiting all spells to buffs/utility spells, forcing myself to use a 'regular' catalyst and not the Ooc cat, using a buckler normally, and a heavier heater shield when things get rough, and having cloth armour or light chain. Looks right, feels right, play style ups difficulty somewhat without feeling I'm purposely gimping myself. Had a lot of fun, and it was mildly difficult.

    Anyone out there have other suggestions? My current thought is to do a Cleric build, going heavy faith but without DMB/SLB, staying Way of White (possibly princess guard), and grabbing a bunch of ATT, and White Seance Ring. Weapon will be mace, shield will be something lightish (wood maybe?) and armour will be chainmail, then upgrading to Cleric armour when it is available end game.

    Any other suggestions? I have a Conan build I was looking to try as well, so that's a thought.

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    Re: Need a subpar PvE build

    Post by Strudul on Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:45 pm

    I'm just going through kinda normally, but:
    -No souls into Vitality
    -No Healing / Estus during boss fights
    -Everything solo
    -Melee only
    -No upgrading armour

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