I feel kinda bad.. NUT HE HAD IT COMING.


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    I feel kinda bad.. NUT HE HAD IT COMING.

    Post by Shindori on Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:01 am

    So I lay down my RSS at the forest, right?
    This guy summons me and we start to duel, then a smough invades. I'm thinking, "This guy just ever gave me the Very Good! stone when I bowed and cheered, so why not? Lets let him take on the DM phantom first. He does short work of him after toying with him. Then, we spot another blue phantom. He starts lifedraining him. Im cheering and loling but then, he does it to me! Now im thinking, "HELL NO GIMME BACK MY HUMANITY!" so I attack and kill him. Then.. I see the ornstein Idling so why not? BSed him as well while the TARGET DESTROYED animation rolled.

    Oh yeah I also got about 600k from the host. >_>;

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