Just wondering about the DLC in Xbox

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    Just wondering about the DLC in Xbox

    Post by Expecting Joker on Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:03 am

    Well it's been days since the release of the DLC in Xbox,but the thing is I can't download since I can't see it on the add-on's. I've tried downloading it via xbox.com but I still can't. It keep saying that it's not available in my region. But I thought it's gonna be out at 25 of october around the world,but until now I'am still waiting for it and it's already the 26 or let's say almost the 27th of october. Anyway if you're wondering,where I live. I live in Hongkong. I just need a answer from my problem happy thanks happy!

    More DS! I love DS! xD. Considering it was my first game in Xbox xD!


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