i am making a new build



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    i am making a new build

    Post by lilpoindexter98* on Sat Oct 20, 2012 6:37 pm

    im goin to make a nw build and any help wud be great my name is lilpoin_dexter98 im on psn Beckon


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    Re: i am making a new build

    Post by Boogerwood on Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:38 am

    Well, what type of help are you looking for? There are great suggestions on the wiki: http://darksoulswiki.wikispaces.com/Character+Builds

    How experienced are you? I'm gathering that you're new (?). I think the best build for a first run through is Pyro:

    1. No Faith/INT required
    2. Free to use all level-ups for vitality/endurance
    3. Keep your equip load to <50% (<25% is preferred when you have enough Endurance. My first run had me fast rolling with +5 Elite Armor)
    4. Weapon: Early: either level up Faith to 14 to grab Astora's Straight Sword under sleeping dragon right at the start, or level strength to get Drake Sword later. Again, this is for a smoother first run. At the Undead Merchant, buy bow and arrows and Orange Soapstone then kill him (yeah, be a DB). You get the Uchigatana which has low durability but probably one of the best weapons in the game when leveled (and you'll get the repair box anyway from Andre so you can repair the Uchi at any time). You'll also get the Residence Key. Then just rock the Uchi all the way until Anor Londo where you can ascend it to lightning. Othere RH "weapon" will be Pyro glove (obviously). The only other thing I'll say about weapons is that it doesn't hurt to get any bow and level it up as fast as possible. Even the short bow with +10 and long arrows can do the damage especially if you're leveling DEX. Pharis bow is my favorite for accuracy, but the composite bow is more damaging I think (check Wiki for locations).
    5. Shield: If you're grabbing Astora Sword, then grab the shield next to it. It's a great shield for a long time (100 phys protection... boo yah!). Otherwise stick with any sheild that's light and does 100 physical protection. With enough endurance, you can basically take hits from anything, even Havel!
    6. Best Pyro flames I found were combustion/great combustion and Iron Flesh. Seriously, that's it. Level that glove up to +10 as fast as possible with Laurentis then have Queelaan (SP?) in the swamp take it to +15. The various fire balls are good, but I could never master the timing and distance to make them that effective but if you join the Chaos Servant Covenant, the chaos ball is pretty wicked. Slap on Iron Flesh with the bigger slower moving bosses and they'll be easy. I took out Lord Gwyn with nothing but Iron Flesh, all my Great Combustion blasts, and 3-4 swipes with my lightning Uchi. It was a little anti-climactic until I realized that's how it should be. You just went through hell and left a wake of death and destruction. One hallowed out ex-god SHOULD be cake!
    7. Armor: I recommnd leveling up Elite Knight Armor. yeah, everyone uses it... for a reason! For it's weight, at +5 it's amazing! Otherwise have fun with armor. Just realize the weaker it is, the better and shield use and/or rolling you'd better be!

    I hope this helps. The other thing is summon often. For one, we Sunbro's love it. The other thing is it really helps you and makes from one of the most unique gaming experiences IMMHO.

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