is it a good faith/dex build?



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    is it a good faith/dex build?

    Post by yopser on Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:28 am
    I create it after reading alot.. what do you think? can it work for pve and pvp?

    the armor set is flexable i just pick something cool
    and the wepean are one of:
    Claymore / Flamberge/ Zweihander/ Server/ Crescent Axe/ Silver Knight Spear / Halberd/ Scythe

    bow will be the dragon or the black

    so any suggestion?
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    Re: is it a good faith/dex build?

    Post by felclef on Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:02 pm

    I think it's kinda "overleveled"... I mean, for invasions, the 120 should be better, I think...

    Another things:
    - I really dislike the Idea of being 120+ and HP<1500;
    - The Sta:133 is not that good when you are using Clay-like weapons, or even the Great Swords like Zwey. Believe me, you will have bad times with low Sta and big weapons;
    - You are almost at the 31 poise threshold, but 30 aint help you that much (;
    - The Fai:50 but I personally wouldn't use this specialization only for SLB damage scaling. If I do so, would go through the DMB path;
    - Again, it's my opinion: I dont think DWGR is this imba anymore, I would replace it for something which helps to work on the things I told you, mainly because of the upcoming DLC.

    So, I would roll this:

    With this, you have a little more physical damage for your weapons, which are mainly Uchi, Clay-like, Scythe and Greath Scythe. You still have access to SKSpear, although it isn't buffable.

    The buff: changing to DMB and using the DMTalisman at Fai:40, you have around +400 dmg, wich is pretty good. At Fai:50 you should get 480, something like this... I wouldn't spare 10 points in Fai just for 80 dmg. Again, it's just what I think.

    Remember: when changing your weapon, stay alert to the weight! You may need to change the chest armor. Still, I think the Havel's pieces for 56 poise puts you at a nice tier for trading hits or even resist some to deliver a combustion.

    Well, another suggestions would be:
    - consider the SL100, the arenas will be kick4ss!
    - consider using WoTG as a replace for the GMB sometimes, it helps agains stabbers addicted dudes
    - try swapping Dex:35 and Fai:40, I rly think you would love the Uchi physical damage at its top
    - Dex weapons, generally, uses less Sta, so you if you like then, you could run at Str:14 and End:35 (or even less) but what your weight, aways! ;P

    Mmmm... that's it for now...

    I hope it helps you, cya!

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