Question for the lore hunting community!


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    Question for the lore hunting community!

    Post by Deathsitexxi on Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:09 pm

    Dark Souls Lore Hunting Community!

    I have a proposal for you all. Recently, I’ve been putting a
    lot of work into a Dark Souls Analysis thread where I am searching high and low
    for the answers we’re all looking for in the Dark Souls Story. The way I do it…
    I pick a topic/character, I gather up every dialogue, item description, art
    book picture, any time they are even mentioned or any information I can about
    the topic/character. Looking at all of the data in front of me I then attempt
    to explain a characters motives, backstory, etc… by using the language and
    meaning of words in these item descriptions, dialogue, etc… Now this does cause
    me to end up saying some outlandish things, however; there is normally a
    description I missed or… a dialogue I’m reading wrong or… a known fact that
    could completely disprove my analysis…

    I normally go poking through all the threads and seeing
    people asking the same questions I’m thinking or am discussing at the time. I
    would like to start creating a thread series (just having a “Dark Souls
    Analysis” is t0o broad with too much information) dedicated to finding these
    answers… Now I know many of you have been here for almost a full year and have
    posted so many threads you’re probably sick of the speculation and over discussion
    of widely known things… For these analysis threads I’d like for each of you to
    dig back into the forums where you have proved these things, link them in these
    threads so we can keep them at the top for easy reference! There are so many
    stories and side stories in this game we could have several threads and some
    threads that even link together. I.E. Gywn Analysis would link to the Lord Soul

    I think by combining all of this data in such close areas we
    are more likely to find out if the questions we are asking can even be answered….

    Any thoughts on this? Or possibly a better way of executing
    this? What do you guys think!?

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    Re: Question for the lore hunting community!

    Post by felclef on Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:15 pm

    Maybe a lore dedicated section on a/the Wiki? I don't know if I'm saying something idiot... :B But it sounds like a wiki article with references to the forum posts...

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