Dark Mask and other things SL 99 PSN


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    Dark Mask and other things SL 99 PSN

    Post by greeneless on Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:15 am

    Messed up and can't get the dark armor on this playthrough, so I'm looking to trade for some of it. Mainly the mask, but I will trade for the leggins as well.

    Also looking for:
    Gold pine resin, preferably lots
    Divine blessing, a few, or however many

    I can trade with you various weapons, as well as consumables rings, and titanite.

    White titanite Slab (2)
    Demon titanite (22)
    Twinkling titanite (50)
    Dragon Scale (10)
    Souvenir of Reprisal (20)
    Sunlight Medal (20)
    Cracked Red eye (10)


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