Dishonored Review


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    Dishonored Review

    Post by nsane32 on Thu Oct 11, 2012 4:38 pm

    Hello every one im glad to bring you another game review this time it the stealth action game Dishonored

    You play as Corvo the Empresses body guard and right at the start of the game you learn about a plague destroying the city of Dunwall. Only a few minutes into the game the Empress is killed and her dauter Emily is kidnapped and you are framed for the murder. Afterwards you join a group of loyalist to stop the Lord Regent from taking the throne. The story will have a grip on you untill the very end with a strange conspiracy and pieces of lore hidden in books

    The game is a unique blend of game styles with a magic and weapon duel weld of Bioshock and melee combat of Dark Messiah along with a similar stealth gameplay of Hitman. The supernatural aspects of the game are a great addition all the abilitys are varied and can suit any play style the blink ability to quickly and quietly move slow time to sneak past enemies rat swarm to devour everyone in sight and the shadow kill to turn bodys to ash so the cant be found later. the enemy variation is not large but it makes up for it in intelligence as enemy will try to get behind you to get past you block and attacking requires timing and speed as blocking does save you from damage instead you need to time parries for an opening. most of the time you will be sneaking past enemies espicily later in the game when more guards are added and walking machines armed with explosives start to show up so if you dont enjoy sneaking in the shadows this is not the game for you. Every action in the game causes a change in the world the more bodies on the streets the more plague and death this will add to a Chaos Meter wich will change the end result of the game and cause zombie like enemies called weepers to appear in increasing number. all the missions have a variety of environments to explore and offer many choices on where to go and how to eliminate a target for example you have a mission to eliminate two nobles you can either kill them or do a favor and have them forced to work in a mine.

    the game is dark and gritty with dead bodies littering the streets and hordes of rats eating the dead the environment are varied greatly from the noble houses the religious and military complexes to the dark rat filled living districts. The character models are highly detailed with nearly every one being unique and eavesdropping on guards talking about their lives and thoughts adds personality to the npc around you and can add emotional meaning when killing an npc or rescuing one. the art in the game has a different feel than all others with a rich pallet of vibrant colors and great music tones to accompany the scene. the lighting and water effects are some of the best ive seen this generation adding even more to the rich environment.

    I give the 9/10 it has a great story excellent gameplay beautiful and dark art style and a vary low amount of bugs the only thing that keept the game from being great is the lack of enemy type but is still a great stealth game and I would recommend it to anyone who plays this genera

    hope this help if you want more reviews pm me and if you want more add leave a comment below you input is greatly appreciated

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