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    Post by Abiathar82 on Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:46 pm

    So I am looking for a Soul of Gwyn. I have a pretty good amount of things to trade in return. here is a list of items that may interest you.

    Items : Divine Blessing X4 , Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly , Soul of Ornstein , Soul of Priscilla

    titanite: Green Shards , Blue Chunks , Red Chunks , White Chunks , Demon titanite

    Weapons: Priscillas Dagger , Sunlight Straight Sword , Barbed Straight Sword , Black Knight Sword , Moonlight Greatsword , Black Knight Greatsword , Dragon Greatsword , Murakumo , Velkas Rapier , Crescent Axe , Black Knight Greataxe , Grant , Dragon Tooth , Channelers Trident , Dark hand , Composite Bow , Black Bow of Pharis and loads more

    Armor: Fang Boar Helm , Paladin Armor Set , Stone Armor set , Havels Armor set , Mask of the Father , Mask of the Child , Sunlight Maggot and probably one of the most rare helms Symbol of Avarice

    Rings: I have an extra of pretty much every ring just ask.

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