My first ever good builds.

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    My first ever good builds.

    Post by Mr. Tart on Tue Oct 09, 2012 7:54 pm

    Heya, guys!

    I just thought to myself, i mean, i've seen lots of people posting their builds etc etc. So i just thought to myself ''hey, why don't i post my good builds?'', shortly after i realized, i don't have any real GOOD builds, but yeah, i just wanted to share my 2 decent builds. Do keep in mind, these builds were not finalized, but rather what i had at the time, and something that i liked the looks of.

    Just to make it clear, i'm not asking for advice, or criticism, although i will gladly welcome it. What i'm actually doing is sharing my experience of Dks the first time i played it, at my best moments.

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