Off-topic lore-type thoughts



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    Off-topic lore-type thoughts

    Post by anubisx10 on Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:42 pm

    Just had a few thoughts I wanted a mass of people to help me with. First, Gwynevere, and Gwyndolin are Gwyns' children. Quelanna, Quelaag, and Quelaan are the Witch of Izaliths' children. I thought, Maybe the Witches name could be "Quela" or something similar. Also since the removed content with Artorias dialogue was released, I thought what other characters voices and personality might be. Like Quelaag, Havel, Ornstien, Smough, Gwyn and other NPCs or bosses who never had a voice.

    Reason for these is that I'm thinking of writing a fic/script for some of the events that happened before the event of Dark Souls.

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