started playing a dragon bro again...

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    started playing a dragon bro again...

    Post by sparkly-twinkly-lizard on Sun Sep 30, 2012 12:15 am

    level 43 and waiting for the dlc patch... umm the dlc will be accessed after anorlondo right? so i was trying to get that done... and i get invaded by another dragon while clearing the burg (did quelaag first)... and hes a glitcher, first time i kill him before he can get it off, second time he invades he gets the infinite roar going... and then isn't sure what to do next just holding me in place. after five minutes he finally drops the roar and starts slashing... i have 10 hp left... i roll away, roar then hit him once... instant death... i figure he was level 20 or so... sad thing is i was having some fun fights with moon bros prior to his arrival... now im just going to go hollow and close the place off...

    any way any good places to drop dragon sign?

    9sorry this is so rambling...)

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