Is +15 Murakumo with magic buff, better than an enchanted murakumo?


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    Is +15 Murakumo with magic buff, better than an enchanted murakumo?

    Post by tapir8 on Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:47 am

    I'm having a hard time deciding which to get. There are a lot of titanite chunks from Newl ondo and blue titanite ouside the crystal cave (especially with gold serpent ring). Which one is better in the long run, because crystal magic weapon, sounds great. Would you recommend getting both?

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    Re: Is +15 Murakumo with magic buff, better than an enchanted murakumo?

    Post by sen545331 on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:08 am

    Crystal Magic Weapon gives 1.4x mag adjust, at 50 int and with the TCC, that's just over 400 magic damage to the weapon, for total numbers, lets see:
    Using the Murakumo effectively, you'd want minimum str to wield (28 for 1h) and at least 40 dex, so: 552 physical damage base, with the 50 int thrown in there, that's almost 960 total damage (phys+mag) for 1 minute (or so, not counting outside buffs)
    Now, with the same stats: 642 (255/387 phys/mag) consistent damage for magic +10 and 649 (235/414 phys/mag) for enchanted +5
    now, the +15 route and CMW with TCC will give burst, not consistency, the TCC also lowers the number of casts to 1 instead of 3

    Now, there are certain pros and cons to both of course, the mag/enc upgrade paths have a nice consistency to them, they also do that damage, but they can no longer be enchanted by something else, while the +15 can be enchanted when it runs out

    Also pays to note that the 552 damage you'd do with the +15 only goes through one resistance type, while the other paths go through 2, so you may get gimped in that respect if something is both resistant to magic and physical
    (take something that does 100 phys damage, against something with 20/20 phys/mag resistance... the weapon would do 80 damage through physical only, now, take the same target and you have something that does 55/55 phys/mag damage [110 total damage] it would instead do 35/35 damage, or 70, netting lower overall numbers)

    all in all you may see higher numbers with the physical only one

    with that being said, if you decide to go minimums on the stats to wield it (28 str/13 dex) then going the mag or enc paths would benefit you more because you don't use the stats the normal paths operate off of

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