PVE Build for most fun - yet challenging


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    PVE Build for most fun - yet challenging

    Post by felclef on Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:40 pm

    Hollow fellow undeads (this one might were even worst joke... lol)

    End of the friday and I was thinking about the PtD playthrough, which I'm appreciating with not a single drop of hurry.

    Once I haven't finished all content, I'm thinking about a PVE oriented build for most uses: weapons, miracles, pyros and even sorceries!

    Surely, for a well use of both miracles and sorceries, I thought about Velka's Talisman or Tin Darkmoon Catalyst, depending on which one of will be the main kind of skill. So, the main Idea is to have the most points for damage in one of the Stats and just enough to have most of the good skills, even if I cant have all of then.

    This character isn't ready even in my thoughts, but I made a search on the wiki and forum and haven't found an idea similar to it... So, why not share it?


    In the case, the main stats would be Faith, and Int is 25 for most sorceries... The link shows only one of many possible setups.

    Surely we could go beyond level 100, once this isn't an arena competitive char... And surely if I do it, I would go for more Str and Dex for weapons' requirement.

    What you think, guys?

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    Re: PVE Build for most fun - yet challenging

    Post by callipygias on Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:56 pm

    I think I did something along these lines for my main character, but I can't click your link while I'm at work so I'm not sure. I did 40 dex and 48 str to be able to use all the weapons in the game effectively, and I gave my guy 50 Faith and 23 Attunement so I can have a bunch of Sunlight Blades or whatever in case I ever use him in the Arena. Also, if I want to cosplay as Solaire I can chuck Sunlight Spears at where my opponent was standing 3 minutes ago.

    I capped him at 199 in case I want to use him in the Arena occasionally too, but mainly he's for PvE and being invaded while questing.

    The only thing he doesn't have access to is advanced sorcery, but I only enjoy sorcery while doing 4 Kings co-op, for which I always make dedicated characters.

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