Struggling taking out O&S as (dex based) melee


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    Struggling taking out O&S as (dex based) melee

    Post by Riale on Wed Sep 26, 2012 7:57 pm

    So I've logged several hundred hours into the 360 version of Dark Souls, but now that I'm playing PTD on the PC I'm at a serious block at O&S that I've never hit before, for a variety of reasons, and after slamming my head against it for a few days I don't really know how to proceed.

    All of my previous melee builds that killed O&S relied on the Eagle Greatshield, which is now nerfed. Normally this wouldn't be a problem for a str build, as I'd just swap on Havel's Ring and use a different greatshield, but my current character is dex focused (For faster pyromancies) and the best shield I have access to is the Silver Knight Shield.

    On top of this, I'm having problems with summoning and invasions on the PC version that I never had on the 360 version. I'm around level 50 in Anor Londo, and literally every time I go human, I get invaded in less than 30 seconds. Several times now I've been invaded multiple times while in the middle of fully kindling a bonfire. The rate of invasions seems drastically increased from the 360 version, where I could play for hours without getting invaded.

    Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but most of the folks I'm encountering that invade me are using all of the DLC spells, which I have no idea how to fight and can hardly stand up against, seeing as this is my first runthrough of PTD and my build is incomplete until I can access later items.

    This is compounded by the fact that even though I have open NAT and everything is set up correctly, I have never once managed to summon a player for help. Every single time I try, the summon fails.

    So right now I'm trying to kill O&S but I either go human to get solaire's help, and get invaded (most likely murdered quickly) before I can get to the fog door, or I do make it but still get shredded by O&S because I just don't have enough stability to block their hits and still deal damage.

    I'm at 22 Vit/22 End/25 Dex/16 Attunement/15 Int (for greater magic weapon/summon light) and my pyro flame is +10. I usually run either great magic weapon + power within on my Iato +10, or I try to go more defensive and load up on the fireball line of spells to create some distance.

    I've really never had this kind of trouble before, and everywhere I look for strategies or help, I see people either using items or strategies that no longer apply in PTD. I'm at my wits end here, and about ready to shelve this character for a str melee character with a proper greatshield. I just have no idea how a dex focused character can expect to complete this fight now.
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    Re: Struggling taking out O&S as (dex based) melee

    Post by ublug on Wed Sep 26, 2012 8:16 pm

    Your stats should be more than enough. The silver knight shield is one of the best medium shields to fight o&s with, if you rely blocking. The silver knight armor will also defend against lightning. Ignore solaire, sommoning him only makes the fight harder, ornsteins grab attack will often one shot you when solaire is brought along.
    Keep backing up and take out smough with pyromancy/fire, then stay up close to ornstein, ideally behind or between his legs. The shield should block most of his lightning jump attack if you are unable to evade in time. Hide behind pillars to safely use estus.


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    Re: Struggling taking out O&S as (dex based) melee

    Post by dualcross on Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:33 am

    I've played pure melee throughout almost every play through usually with a light shield. Light shields offer virtually no help on boss fights so I usually end up just dodging all the attacks or memorizing patterns and darting in and out when it is safe for me to do so.

    O&S and Artorias were both a bit more difficult on the PC playthrough for me but the only real problem was Ornsteins lightning AoE. However, the lightning aoe is also managable without a shield just by using light roll and rolling away from him as soon as he starts casting it so by the time he finishes casting it I am at a safe distance. After he is done I would sprint back to him and proceed to roll through his legs and get in hits on his legs. Overall it wasn't too bad, beat it in a couple tries. Oh and I always used estus behind the pillars as well!

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    Re: Struggling taking out O&S as (dex based) melee

    Post by CaligoIllioneus on Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:11 am

    I killed Ornstein and Smough two days ago with my dex no magic character. I used the Elite Knight's set but with the Armor of the Glorious chestpiece, Silver Knight Shield, Ricard's Rapier, Cloranthy Ring and FaP ring.

    It was a pain, but I managed to do it after 3 deaths (surprisingly 2 of them were from super Ornstein). I relied on blocking a lot and only dodged Smough's attack and Orstein's ranged lightning. Being able to attack while blocking at the same time worked great for me. I just tried to backstep through the room trying to get Ornstein stuck on pillars, and whenever he was far or stuck behind a pillar/behind Smough, I quickly went in and poked Smough a bit (careful because I discovered that some of Ornstein's attacks can damage you through Smough's body which is very annoying). It was a game of attrition, and I outlasted Smough, so the fight went into the second phase (I always had only 1 or 2 estus left).

    Super Ornstein was really difficult to hit because I was using a rapier, a lot of my attacks just went right between his legs and did not damage him. The key to beating him is to always be between his legs, directly under him: while you are there you can only be hit by two attacks, his butt slam (which you can roll away from, I did this with mid roll) and one attack of his that is similar to the move that replaces kicks when you are using a thrusting sword (a sweep while backstepping fast).

    I hope this experience helps you in any way, and good luck happy

    P.S.: Be careful when tossing magic at Smough while he is charging towards you with his hammer, since the hammer has its own hitbox and it will block all damage, similar to the Sentinel's shield.

    P.S.2: The points I didn't put into magic were put into End, so keep in mind that I was able to block more than you probably will be able to, I had 30+ stamina already and I was using the Cloranthy ring which gives you more stamina recovery, and even then at some moments my stamina got dangerously low, especially whenever I screwed up and ended up in a corner silly.

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    Re: Struggling taking out O&S as (dex based) melee

    Post by Veradox on Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:40 am

    Well, I've beaten these guys 2 times (in my 2 playthroughs). The 1st encounter was like - OMG! WTF? 2 bosses at a time?! Then after a couple of tries I managed to put them down, so I decided to go YouTube and check out the tactics/features. So on 2nd toon the fight was like a piece of cake. I even preferred to kill the S first, to get O's armor, and it wasn't hard. I went for a fast roll in full Elite Knights with FaP ring, Havel's and Crest shield. Fire +5 Iaito as weapon. All I did was dodging, dodging and even more dodging. Sooner or later you end up with O and S separated, so you can handle 1st phase of the fight like no problem. The 2nd phase is quite the same - play safe, keep side rollin' and eventually hit the boss. It is not necessary to rush. Patience works really good in this fight.

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    Re: Struggling taking out O&S as (dex based) melee

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