Ideas & Suggestions for a next 'Souls' game


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    Re: Ideas & Suggestions for a next 'Souls' game

    Post by Shakie666 on Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:58 pm

    I would quite like to see something like, if you beat the game you can go into an arena of sorts, where you're pitted against endless waves of enemies, that increase in difficulty the higher you get, and you get a nice reward depending on how far you got. What the reward could be though, I have no idea... unique (and powerful) equipment for doing well perhaps? Also, make str weapons useful (maybe not hyper armour, since then poise would be pointless, maybe make it so str weapons do more poise damage depending on your str level?)

    Also, why does everyone want to get rid of magic? If all the enemies were just normal humans, they'd all end up being identical!

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    Re: Ideas & Suggestions for a next 'Souls' game

    Post by ViralEnsign_ on Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:50 pm

    WyrmHero wrote:. I want a new school of magic, necromancy maybe idk. .



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    Re: Ideas & Suggestions for a next 'Souls' game

    Post by Derpwraith on Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:58 am

    ViralEnsign_ wrote:
    WyrmHero wrote:. I want a new school of magic, necromancy maybe idk. .


    This should replace either miracles or pyromancy however, here are some spells that would be cool:

    Revival - Reminiscent to Demon's Souls' 'Second Chance' miracle, you will revive with half health when you die.

    Resurrection - Dead PvE enemies revive and become temporary allies.

    Soul Revival - Alternate to revival, restore to human form at the cost of 100,000 souls.


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    Re: Ideas & Suggestions for a next 'Souls' game

    Post by Siegfried. on Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:45 am

    No offense to anyone in particular, but I think a lot of these suggestions are beside the point of the Souls games. A lot of other games have these features and they're all well and good, but the Souls games have been very carefully crafted for the kind of experience they're trying to provide.

    But that said, some stuff I'd do:

    • Two-handing alterations, including a two-handed parry and reduced stamina cost for attacking.
    • More build-specific rings, which should hypothetically reduce the amount of players who rely on "no-brainer" options.
    • Bring back the health regeneration for Faith-based weapons; they were a really clever reference to Arthurian lore, where it was said that Excalibur made Arthur immortal. In game design terms, the way to do that without imbalancing the game is to provide health regeneration.
    • Ensure that Sorceries have greater diversity, with less emphasis on direct attacks.
    • Diversify movesets in general.
    • New gift system, wherein you can choose one of a variety of items previous characters have found (apart from keys and other linear progression items).
    • Increase the general power of bows somewhat.
    • Allow crossbows to aim like bows, and have some kind of scaling. Even if their reload speed simply scales with strength.

    One other thing I'd like to see is an overhaul in the weapon upgrade system. I was playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon a little bit back, and it has this brilliant feature where you can take a weapon to the forge and upgrade specific aspects of it and also give it a name. So rather than having weapons that upgrade on linear or branching paths, have each upgrade do something specific from a list of choices.

    For instance, perhaps you like two-handing weapons. You might be able to increase the weapon's physical defense and stability rather than its damage for a while. Then you might realise that with the amount of "upgrade slots" you have left on the weapon, there's not much way to get good base damage out of it. So instead, you might throw the rest of your upgrades into its scaling, to get the absolute most out of a particular stat or two.

    One other neat thing you might be able to do is to "bind" a spell to a weapon, although it must be a spell you can use. If you do so, the weapon's heavy attack is replaced by that spell and costs durability depending on the power of said spell (perhaps based on its Int/Faith requirement?).

    I think this could go a long way towards diversifying playstyles in an upcoming Souls game and bringing much more personalisation to weapons choices. Most people don't use daggers, but suddenly, a dagger is a perfectly good carrier for a powerful bound spell. Likewise, perfectly good weapons that are underused (like the longsword) could be fitted to specific styles of play and builds, so their recovery time could be properly taken advantage of.

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    Re: Ideas & Suggestions for a next 'Souls' game

    Post by VinheimProfessor on Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:12 pm

    I was actually thinking that it would be cool if a quick heal like the Estus Flask shouldn't exist, making investing in Heal spells, items that regenerate health and strategically figuring out how to shake off enemy pursuers more important.

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    Re: Ideas & Suggestions for a next 'Souls' game

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