How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)


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    How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)

    Post by Ignus-Dej on Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:14 am

    *Irony on*
    '''There is so much variety on used armor in this game''
    *Irony off*

    No, there are only following setups used by these creatures: Havel, Giants, Smoughs, Masks of *****. Combinated with Dark W*** ***** Ring.
    All three are waiting at my spawning point. After defeating(farming) me, they bow like it was a 'fair' fight or taunting.
    In my entire live, I've never played a videogame that made me rage so bad like this.
    Now I got a bad headache. After taking aspirin, it's going to get better.

    Now my question to you(if you are not one of the farmers), how do you deal with 3 flipping tanks?

    The developer should make another patch no nerf the f**k out of this DWGR and other perversities.

    This topic is probably going to get closed but I don't have anything to lose...

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    Re: How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)

    Post by Wade_Wilson on Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:23 am

    I always have WOG equipped along with a talisman, if the host and his sunbros try to jump me I'll WOG them, roll away and switch to my black knight halberd and **** face.

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    Re: How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)

    Post by IBLEEDRED on Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:29 am

    For me i have a rule of three.

    If i invade a gank patrol for a third time and die trying i am tempted and have blocked psn IDs before so i don't relive the anguish.

    However if i down the three musketeers =) they fear you and the fight is never the same.

    Just yesterday faced a host with full havels and a mail breaker chaos/fire set for BS build with a pyro weilding a claymore and a full int caster.

    By build by the way SL 166 Artorias GS (WotG, Emit Force, Heal).
    Now whether you approve of WotG or not, it is vital for 3 on 1 encounters.
    oh and so are heavy Backstabs.

    The only adv you have against three is you are on an adrenaline rush and cant afford to fumble, where as they are more often than not sloppy.

    Ok so its my third and final try and they begin lighting the screen on fire with chaos bolts and homing souls mass and what have you the rule in the first 2 mins is survive , pressure isnte relevent yet. WOTG is great cause it can damage 2/ 3 of them if timed right but not enough damage so the host pots yet.

    Then its a matter of running baiting and BS for the kill. You will become accustomed to shifting targets quite quick to avoid incoming pressure and pile on your own. Now the coolest bit kill a phantom and survive.

    Once thats done i swear lol i felt like they were on the back foot and it is so eary to sift between two targets when they are hesitant. I'd be pressuring the host only to read the his freind is rnning full speed behind me for a BS so predictable just roll and change target the one bullrushing in is too easy to side step and BS.

    Nyways killed em all and sent the host a msg ' got you. your welcome winking'
    Its not a proven formula for success in 3v1s ofc but its one of the times ive pulled it off with pure confidence and no lag helping me so happy.

    hope i helped m8

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    Re: How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)

    Post by eneq on Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:41 am

    To me it sounds like the issue you are having isnt the gear they are using but the gang banging you are getting.

    Agreed that kind of group venture to kill people X-1 should somehow be blocked. Should be fairly easy to see how many players are in one world and adjust things accordingly.

    The only thing one can do against multiple enemies is to use the area to your benefit. Crowd them up, hit them with AOE etc. annoy them and make them work for the kill.

    If you get hit and they are in a group you are dead so "Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee"

    But that said, when you get hit you need to recover so they only way to handle that is stacking poise, ie build up your tank value and stay away from anything with a big weapon unless you got poise >100.
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    Re: How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)

    Post by Maneater_Mildred on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:21 pm

    Keep moving, dont stand still, roll flip jump your *** around, keep moving.

    Try drawing the phantoms out ahead of the host, keep moving, dont let them surround you, keep moving, after you draw the phantoms ahead of the host make a dash for the host(keep moving) if you break past the phantoms and are charging the host, a good 60%+ of the time the host will panick and try to run leading to a bs kill. Time to taunt.

    Keep moving

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    Re: How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)

    Post by Serious_Much on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:23 pm

    Maneater_Mildred wrote:Keep moving, dont stand still, roll flip jump your *** around, keep moving.

    Keep moving

    by far the best advice. As long as you move and flip and keep going you can stay alive.

    There's a few ways to then attack the host, but the rush and BS is generally what I'd use. (make sure you can pop on the hornets ring though)

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    Re: How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)

    Post by Baal-Avatar on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:31 pm

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    Re: How do you deal with f***ing farmers? (3vs1)

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