Giving it all away.


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    Giving it all away.

    Post by AASnoopy on Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:15 pm

    THIS IS FOR PS3-I've decided to give everything on one of my accounts away. Cause I like making peoples day, so hopefully this makes yours lol. First come first serve BUT YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE ITEM FROM LIST so pick wisely I want to give everyone something so don't post asking for more then one item pick the one you want and no changing your mind(just makes it harder on me to keep of track of who's getting what). My SOUL LEVEL IS 110. Post your info and I will contact you. The give away will start Sunday but you can all start claiming items now. I will try to keep track of the list and post what has been claimed but please check others peoples posts to make sure your not asking for something that has already been claimed.

    Twin Humanties
    2 Titantie Chunks(counts as one claim)
    1 Red Chunk
    2 White Chunks(counts as one claim)
    1 Twinkling
    5 Dragon Scales(counts as one claim)
    Drake Sword
    Greatsword of Artorias plus 5
    Magic Bastard Sword plus 4
    Crystal GreatSword
    Stone Great Sword plus 5
    Dragon Great sword
    Gargoyles Tail Axe
    Demons Greataxe plus 10
    Occult Club
    Great Club plus 5
    Dragon Tooth
    Demons spear
    Gargoyles Halberd
    Dark Hand
    Composite Bow plus 5
    Dragonslayer Bow plus 2
    Pyromancy Flame
    Spider Sheild
    Grass Crest Shield
    Dragon Crest Shield
    Eagle Shield
    Stone Greatshield
    Havels Shield
    Knight armor set
    Elite knight armor set
    Brigand armor set
    Armor of sun set(some pieces upgraded)
    Crimson set
    Eastern armor set
    Shadow set
    Balder armor set
    Silver Knight set
    Channelers set
    Smoughs set
    Stone Armor set
    Havels armor set
    Mask of mother
    Havels Ring
    Ring of steel protection
    Speckled stoneplate ring(CLAIMED)
    Cursebite ring
    Rare ring of sacrifice
    Wolf ring
    Hawk ring
    Hornet ring
    Gold Serpent ring
    Ring of favor and protection
    Ring of evil eye
    Soul of a Brave Warrior

    Hope you all get something you've needed. Rememer FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

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    Re: Giving it all away.

    Post by GrEeNgObLiN on Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:01 pm

    Speckled stoneplate ring

    please thx mate

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