Perhaps the Silver Knight Sword is, in general, underrated?


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    Perhaps the Silver Knight Sword is, in general, underrated?

    Post by Siegfried. on Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:03 am

    Today I was farming Silver Knights in Anor Londo for their swords, just because I think they're cool. This was a dexterity character with the requisite 16 strength, and I had nothing better to spend my Twinkling titanite on, so I thought "why not?".

    Upon actually using it at +5 and 40 dexterity, though, its heavy attacks seem to be unusually powerful. This is referenced in the item description, but I thought it might have just been a bit of cool text rather than anything game mechanic-y. The heavy attacks just seem to tear things to shreds, as though my dex-based straight sword counts as a greatsword for the duration of those attacks and then goes back to being a regular straight sword.

    Has anyone else had the same experience with this weapon? It's easy to overlook since it drops infrequently, has high requirements and doesn't appear to be anything special going by the numbers. But I was honest-to-goodness surprised by the damage it dealt, and I'm someone who usually uses greatswords and ultra-greatswords.


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    Re: Perhaps the Silver Knight Sword is, in general, underrated?

    Post by Gazman0169 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:19 am

    Hardly surprising when you consider that the heavy attack from a Black Knight Sword will literally send the Hollow Soldiers and Warriors in the Undead Berg flying, which kept me amused for hours when I inititally discovered it. I kept going back to Firelink to reset the level, determined to propel one of the Hollows from the area near the steps over to the area near where the first ring can be found, but to date the furthest I've managed is the section in the middle. big grin

    Which brings me to another DkS pastime of mine that you may want to give a go, Rat flipping in the Depths. Whereby using a forward roll you try to propel the three large ones up and over the wall to the area where the Gaping Dragon resides in as few a tries as possible. My record to date is seven, but I know I can do better. lol

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