[SOLVED][PC] Four Kings SL45



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    [SOLVED][PC] Four Kings SL45

    Post by EpicLagSpikes on Sat Sep 15, 2012 2:24 am

    Hello. I'm looking for some help with the Four Kings. This is my first run through and I'm trying to use as many NPC summons as possible, which means I will be summoning Beatrice and can only summon 1 player phantom. Sorry if you're normally used to triple teaming these guys.

    I already cleared the path from those wooden bridges to the boss, so the walk over should be straight forward. I already died a few times against the boss though, with help and without. If you know a reliable way to take these guys out, please let me know what the game plan is.

    Thanks to anyone who bothered looking here. =)

    p.s. I know SL45 is a little low but I don't want to level up because I'm terrified of getting invaded by higher level players. I hear people have done SL1 runs through the whole game so I feel like this should be manageable.

    Edit: Never mind, I found someone in game to summon and we won. =D
    In case that person is an user of this forum, thanks redshadowhero!

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