Need all kinds of Slabs | XBOX SL:85


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    Need all kinds of Slabs | XBOX SL:85

    Post by FellipeMariano on Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:14 pm

    So, I'm in front of Gwyn boss battle and, before finish the game for the first time, I want to complete some achievements. Basically, this time, I need the "upgrade weapons" achievement.

    The Lightning weapon achivement I already got (with my Lightning +5 Claymore), but the other ones is missing for me. I got all the weapon at the maximum level, and only need the slabs to complete the final upgrade and get the achievements.

    So basically, I need: 2 Red titanite Slab, 2 Blue titanite Slab, 2 White titanite Slab and 1 titanite Slab (common).

    I can trade humanity, some rings (Rare Ring of Sacrifice, for example), Some weapons like the Zweihander, and whatever you want.

    My GMT is -3 (Brazil), and I usually play at night (around 8-11PM)

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