Is there still Honor among us?


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    Re: Is there still Honor among us?

    Post by Memomo on Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:02 pm

    Our players are honorable. Dark Souls is not a game for elitist, and let me tell you why.

    Developers were clearly thinking of competitiveness when they created this game, a human flaw if you will, for it leads many to aggression as well as a bad community.

    There are no leaderboards, only grieferboards.
    Here's why, Dark Souls is meant to make you a passionate gamer, test your patience and leave your anger behind. This is a game where you need to laugh of your failures or you won't enjoy it very much. They made players disconnected enough so it would be next to impossible to make a name for yourself. The only way would be to do so outside of grieferboards is by promoting your own character via YouTube or whatever. Otherwise, no one is going to see it. Most people don't even know what the grieferboards are and don't look at them. There aren't really any famous players, unless you are so involved in the game that you are going to go looking at other player techniques and sometimes they have a few fans based on views of their content such as streamers.

    Trash mobs create community competitiveness.

    They are easy to farm and people get bored of them, instead they turn only to PvP because the game itself is boring.

    Luckily for you, Dark Souls has hard mobs. This game makes it very hard for you to get bored of bosses, you are only allowed to kill them once per NG. The respawn mobs are very dangerous and can easily kill you, making it hard to farm and feel like you are repeating everything. The mobs are also unpredictable at times, there has been times where I walked up to a mob, it noticed me, attempted to jump at me then just accidentally fall off the map and died. Then again, I've had the same guy magically corner me with two other guys and beat me to a pulp. Sometimes I'm never really sure how encounters will go because the mobs will do random things I can't predict. The developers were very smart to allow them to have randomized set moves, it's impossible to predict what they will do making bots impossible.

    PvP players pool is too small.
    Only the daring will PvP willingly.

    PvP players are actually a very small amount community compared to the entire community that plays Dark Souls, there is a lot of people who play offline only or stay out of human form until they reach a higher level. New players do not want to be stopped by invaders, so they simply do almost the entire game as a hollow, at least for their first NG.

    If the PvP community was larger, lets say like the size of the LoL or SC2 community, then yeah, you would have famous elitist jerks. That's simply not the case here. Of course, there are always cheaters, but hey, there are cheaters everywhere. Even outside of Dark Souls, you can never avoid that, and usually they are a very small percentage anyways that it doesn't bother you enough to make you quit the game.

    tl;dr The game is too hard, the community is too small and there are no leaderboards, making a name for yourself in this game is too difficult.
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    Re: Is there still Honor among us?

    Post by Forum Pirate on Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:35 pm

    Frostacar wrote:
    I guess what got me off on him was the fact that he believed it was just a whole elitist game and he talked about it as an elitist and all the weapons, stats and armor he uses, But my whole thing was I believe in PVP It's more about the fight then the win and how we can each outdo each other in tactics and just quick thinking.

    I agree with this to a point (though I detest losing) but I would stipulate that tactics and quick thinking are more important if there are no rules of engagement because it means the opponent can and probably will do anything. Thats why my only rules in pvp are that I fight solo, that I don't attack as someone bows, and that I don't heal with items unless they do or its a 1v2 or 1v3(because its really easy to get reliant on healing).

    I have a couple of tricks that I don't use often, but thats mostly because if everyone knows them then they don't work as well anymore.

    Honor is subjective, my honor is in respecting my opponent enough to do whatever it takes in recognition of the potential threat that any enemy represents, and being a good sport about both wins and losses.

    So yes, there is honor in dark souls.

    Your rules are yours
    My honor is mine.
    Perspective is everything.
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    Re: Is there still Honor among us?

    Post by WhatDoesThePendantDo? on Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:06 pm

    Hellion7776 wrote:I have found it is all in who invades. I see RED, I know they wont bow, wont be honorable and don't play by the rules...
    This has been VERY consistent. I still give them a wide berth to allow a show of honor... but even if they bow, it has usually ended with healing multiple times and hiding behind baddies and shooting and/or using taunts.
    Just my observances.

    I must say, I find this to be a little more than a bit offensive. I'm always a red and I never do any of these things.

    Prejudice is always an ugly thing and always reveals distasteful traits.

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    Re: Is there still Honor among us?

    Post by cloudyeki on Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:17 pm

    2 things.

    1) @Memomo: Awesome avatar! I'd like to know the artist who made it.

    2) Hellion Let's be clear on this. Not all invaders are jerks. A lot of my best fights were from invaders in the Burg who mostly invade to get duels faster. I know because I tend to do the same. Out of all the dueling groups, I support the invaders the most because they're gambling with who they'll fight, much moreso than using the RSS.

    I don't ask for honor. I just want some decency in a fight. Don't be a jerk and go for a backstab as I bow, I cleared the area and waited for you as soon as the fog blocked off the bonfire. I'm in an area that a majority has decided to turn into a dueling arena, and I'm obviously there to duel. You can go and check the rest of the area, you'll see that I'm there specifically to fight you on even grounds.

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    Re: Is there still Honor among us?

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