Xbox USB Storage problem


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    Xbox USB Storage problem

    Post by Azran on Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:14 am

    Okay, here's me asking to any and all of you who owns a 360.

    My Xbox360 has a 4gb hard drive, it seems (even clean, it has only 3.2gb of storage available). Problem is, I recently bought Borderlands 1 through the Xbox Live store, and it weights 3.3gb, so it won't start downloading at all.

    I connected an 8gb USB Drive, configured it and then started downloading successfully onto it. Once it finishes, I try to get into the game, but suddenly the console stops recognizing the USB drive and kicks me off. It wouldn't recognize it at all anymore, and I was forced to Configure it again - effectively erasing the downloaded data.
    Store asks if I want to download it again.

    What was the problem here? Any ideas? I'm so freaking tired of Microsoft's bullcrap as of late, so any insight would be handy

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