Been dreaming of Dark Souls, literally. (Small spoilers hidden in spoil boxes).


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    Been dreaming of Dark Souls, literally. (Small spoilers hidden in spoil boxes).

    Post by ICEFANG on Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:00 am

    For the last two nights I've had dreams about Dark Souls, I haven't even played (as my headset got chewed on by the dogs I'm watching yada yada yada).

    The night before:
    In the dream, me or my character, its not really specific, walk up to the edge in Darkroot, I thought, "what is beyond the edge of the trees? Does anyone go out there? Maybe the secret is out there". So instead of walls made or stone, as Darkroot is (mountains are walls currently), I walked up to the wall made of trees and weaved through them, getting as deep as possible. (Interestingly, I was learning about that Slender game, the trees were like that consistency, but everything else was Darkroot). I walked forward to this tree, at the base of it, was a weapon that is in the DLC, but no one knows how to get.
    The shears that the tree surfs use
    I thought, "WOW there is something out here, maybe there is more." I looked around the tree, and found something else that doesn't exist in game, which I can't remember what, and got more excited, maybe I didn't pick it up. As I looked forward I saw a spring and my heart jumped with joy and excitement. Sif was sitting on the opposite side, and howled as I approached, another enemy in the DLC, same as the spoiler enemy above, walked over the spring and jumped into it, vanishing. That's it for this dream, I think as I woke up, Sif just glitched through the ground, my mind may have crashed haha.

    This night:
    It took off where I left off, I decided to walk to the right, and came upon a new place (it said so in white letters as it usually does), Darkroot Ruins. It was a large building, with two large towers in front and it looked of the other buildings in Darkroot. In the front was 5 large flying (and glitchy) bug spider things, not too different from the ones in Blighttown, and 2 vines 'hanging' vertically out of the ground (which I identified as enemies that would attack me). The bugs where floating in the air above the steps before the entrance of a large stone door, and with them was 2 War Wasp Nests (from Metroid, which I haven't played in a long time). I evaluated the best way to enter would be to blow them up with missiles (what the f? What game am I dreaming now, more Metroid I guess). So I fired at the two, and noticed there was 2 more, and they were not happy I destroyed the other nests. 10s of Wasps and those other bugs started flying after me. Then the dog woke me up.

    Thoughts? I hope you enjoyed my cool bro stories.


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    Re: Been dreaming of Dark Souls, literally. (Small spoilers hidden in spoil boxes).

    Post by Pesth on Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:18 pm

    I want to use what you're using dude! :drunken:

    nah! just kidding lol!


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