Small Tips for PVP


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    Small Tips for PVP

    Post by Seignar on Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:36 pm

    All forumites welcomed for their tips:

    • Forward + Light Attack breaks guards, staggers and comes out fast on top of the fact it is hard to punish. It can be followed up with: Katana Light Attack, Combusion Pyromancy (At high DEX), ...
    Note: Rapier Style weapons perform an unparriable backstep attack. It is much safer to perform than jump attacks.

    • Counter to Forward + Light Attack: If you bait and block a Forward + Light Attack {Except Rapier or on Pyromancy}, you can hit the parry button and will get a successful parry, IF they attempted a combo. This is true for: Katanas, Some Halberds, ...
    • Counter 2: Kick-stagger can be partial parried, but the awkward speed of the move makes it difficult to do.
    • Counter (on Combustion Pyromancy Kick follow-up): No counter found
    • Counter Counter: Delay the attack
    • You can stand still during a recovery from a backstab animation to directly turn towards the opponent, preventing chain backstab.
    • Counter: Get "in front of them"
    • Counter Counter: Hold shield button and pivot forward. It is the safest method possible.
    • Counter Counter Counter: Hitting them while standing up can register as a hit
    • You can delay your follow-up attacks for about 0.5 to 1 second, this prevents set-up parries
    • Counter: Delay your parry (Not 100% of success)
    • Counter 2: Poke them
    • You can switch weapons while running, while not losing your run animation; allows you to switch between run attacks. On another note, if you press the Light Attack very quickly, you will come to a dead stop and perform a normal light attack.
    • You can avoid Bleed Damage by dodging the attack that inflicts Bleed
    • Jump attacks [Forward + Strong Attack] cannot be parried
    • Counter: It is easy to backstab


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    Re: Small Tips for PVP

    Post by reim0027 on Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:19 pm

    • Dex and str scaling essentially stops at 40.
    • Heater shield is awesome, light, 100% physical block, and better stability than a grass crest shield.
    • Heater shield also has a slightly faster recovery time after parry misses than any other shield.
    • You can parry a left hand attack.
    • Kirks armor can negate pivot BS.


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