Preparing for the DLC...



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    Preparing for the DLC...

    Post by bushmonster31 on Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:50 am

    With the news of the new content coming, I decided that I would start getting my saved game ready for the content drop. Knowing that the DLC starts somewhere in the duke's archives, that is where I set my aims.

    I'd previously left my NG+2 file at the blacksmith where I'd forged my final item with the soul of Sif for the 1000 achievement. I knew that a tough fight stood ahead of me, but once I defeated Smough and Ornstein my goal would be blown wide open.

    Smough and Ornstein on NG+2, attacking Ornstein first, was a tricky fight. I think it took around 15 attempts before they finally fell and I praised the sun. The fight left my hands shaking.
    It was only once they'd fallen I realised *****, I have to beat the 4 Kings too*...

    I warped to Firelink Shire, only to realise that Lautrec had killed the firekeeper, which meant a trip back to the church with my quivering black orb. The three of them were a complete pain, but eventually, my homing crystal soulmass finished them off.

    Back to firelink, and then down to New Londo ruins. I realised that I'd have to drain the ruins! So much for a quick trip to the archives. I spent hours fighting those damn ghosts. In the end I found it easier to run through the area, then toast any ghosts that had followed with my pyro glove.

    Eventually, after much swearing, I drained the water, and ventured forth to the Four Kings who one shotted me on the first attempt. With a little help, I battled on and finally defeated them. Hands again, shaking.

    So my goal now stands open ahead of me. Dark Souls is starting to eat into my psyche once again and I remember where all those hours I spent had gone. God I love Dark Souls; I just hope that the DLC at NG+2 will be manageable!

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