New Build (DLC Spoilers)


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    New Build (DLC Spoilers)

    Post by Tristan on Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:22 pm


    Lord's or Artorias' set. 40 dex and at least 27 vit.

    I really wanted to do a hybrid faith build since my cosplay puts me as a hand of the god's sorta speak. I also want to be a DM so it would be fitting. What I can't help but shake are those new sorceries. Most natably Pursuers. I also kind want to use the dark magics. My question really boils down to what Pyromany, Sorceries, or Miracles synergize with the tracers playstle? (in your opinion)

    I was already considering a PW/Pyro hand switch. I also considered doing a DMC/Velka WoG and dark sorcery combo. I'm just trying to get some ideas.

    I just had an idea out of humour. My off hands have DMT and that new Plow spear. I DMB the pitchfork. Lol!

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