Getting Seath and his little tail, too (RESOLVED)



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    Getting Seath and his little tail, too (RESOLVED)

    Post by Maxus on Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:13 pm

    I'm trying to get the Moonlight Blade and slay Seath. I'm level 94, a member of the Subros, usually carry around a pocketful of fireballs and a quiver of great lightning bolts, but mainly I solve my problems by stabbing them in the face. Xbox tag is InverseChimera9.

    I'm getting desperate here--I've seen hardly any summons, and the one I
    did find 'returned home' after we went through the fog wall. Advice and
    assistance will be much appreciated, and if you'd like, I'll coordinate
    with you over Xbox Private Chat.

    Ideally, I'd get a couple of takers so we can blender through everything and, upon reaching Seath, have him good and surrounded.

    I will gladly offer compensation for anyone who helps--that is, I'll drop items for you to grab.

    The things I have worth mentioning:

    -Seven spare Sunlight Medals (going to leave the Sunbros for a bit, it'll be nice to be able to jump back up to +1 Rank).
    -Six Eyes of Death
    -A spare Skull Lantern
    -Two Boar Helms
    -A Mask of Avarice (yes, I know, why am I offering to give it away. The drawbacks outweigh the benefits for me.)
    -A +5 Gravelord Sword (I've since switched to the Black knight sword).
    -Full set of Kirk's equipment--Shield, Sword, and armor.
    -A full set of the Gargoyle equipment--halberd, axe, helm, and shield. Have two axes, two helms and two shields.
    -A grab-bag of titanite. A lot of Green Shards and Blue Chunks right now, though.

    Tell me what you want, and I'll drop it for you when you're summoned, in the case of conflict of desires, first-summoned, first-served. If we get killed, I'll try to resummon--I've got enough humanity for many, many attempts.. If it's any comfort, I'm pretty cautious around enemies--I use a Pharis bow to take out the butterflies and lure the clams out one by one--and I've been through the Crystal Caves enough that I don't die in there now.

    Edit: forgot to say. Summon spot is around the second library bonfire. Throw me a line about where you put it and I'll find the spot.

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    Re: Getting Seath and his little tail, too (RESOLVED)

    Post by nsane32 on Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:26 pm

    I can help for free but you may need to be a higher sl ill need to check GT:same as here

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    Re: Getting Seath and his little tail, too (RESOLVED)

    Post by Maxus on Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:59 pm

    It's not an issue now. I got lucky when I took another try and got his tail and managed to scrape out a kill.

    Thanks for the response, though.

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    Re: Getting Seath and his little tail, too (RESOLVED)

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