Upper Burg Dragon Glitch Battle


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    Upper Burg Dragon Glitch Battle

    Post by Kirk-Barb on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:24 pm

    I'm co-oping in the burg at lvl12. Summoned by a host who is in basic gear, but is experienced. I change from +10 lg sword/spear to basic weapons. The host has a basic battle axe. A 3rd guy is naked with wood shield and basic claymore. It doesn't take me long to realize we are in NG+. Great fun!

    We lose the naked barbarian to the black knight. As he fades out and the knight takes a dirt nap, an invader joins our world. The host goes for the treasure and I go up the stairs to head off our unwanted guest. At this point I change back to my +10 weapons. At the top of the stairs I watch as a red form streaks by, up the stairs to Havel's tower. I follow cautiously as not to get ambushed and the host catches up with me at the door into the tower. We enter just as a dragon form invader descends the stairs from above. The host goes to the center of the room and bows. I watch, frozen in time, waiting to see how this will go. It goes badly.

    The dragon guy does the thing and dark energies of hate break from his blurred body in waves. My first instinct is to run. I retreat back through the door to the outside and then stop. The host isn't going anywhere. He's trapped. I turn back to the door and switch to my spear. I have read somewhere, words written by wise sages, that a spear may be able to reach the target through his cowardly barrier. I wait and as the dragon guy reaches the bottom of the stairs inside. The waves of putrid vertigo reach through the walls and turn me into a spastic rag doll. I watch, helplessly, as his demonic form wavers before me in the doorway.

    Without a second thought, he turns his back on me and faces the host. Suddenly my feet are once more on the ground and I'm in control again. I attack immediately and I come to an abrupt hault by the force field again. Curse me! I ment to pull the right trigger not hit the right bumper. But then, like a miracle, the dragon guy is thrown to the ground by an invisible force, bouncing off the floor a couple of times before he begins to rise. I got the BS. No damage done, but the dark miasma is broken.

    I two hand my spear, and as he finishes his rise, strike hard twice, hoping for stunlock. No good, but his health bar takes a big hit. He now has an uchi in his right hand, and I don't need Watson to tell me it's elemental. I go for my third attack, and his sword is swinging my way. But no hit for either of us. The host has just BS him, putting him on the floor once more, but this time with damage. Basic battle axe damage of around 112, but another good hit to his health bar none the less.

    As he rises, I again try for a stunlock, but he takes my first hit to his shield and we exchange damage on my second. I hit him for a chunk, but he takes out over half my health and stunlocks me. I await certain death from his next blow, but it never arrives. The host again hits him with a BS and I'm allowed to recover. It now comes to my mind that the dragon guy is pretty much ignoring the host. I know that if I die, the host is toast. So I bring back out the shield for a more defensive tactic.

    My goals are now two. Keep the dragon guy's attention on me and keep him from reaching either the stair up or the doorway out. The door to Havel's basement was still locked. So we begin a strange dance of death. Me guarding the way out and up, getting a poke in, the dragon guy pounding on my shield, and the host trying for a BS but just getting nicks. Whoever blinked first was dead. I blinked. I zigged when I should have zagged and the dragon guy got me in a BS. Fortunately at the same moment the host got a BS on the dragon guy. So after he finished me, the dragon guy went down as well. Unlike me he was able to rise again with just a sliver of health left. But as he did so, he made the mistake of trying for the way out instead of defense and the host was all over him with his axe. The last thing I saw as I faded from view was the dragon guy going into his own death scene. 👽

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    Re: Upper Burg Dragon Glitch Battle

    Post by LordRevan on Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:26 pm

    Please for love of the FSM.... Put it into paragraphs!!! sad

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