[Reminder] 2 Days left for Launch, Check my Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition YouTube Channel! Subscribe now so you don't miss DkS Content!


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    [Reminder] 2 Days left for Launch, Check my Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition YouTube Channel! Subscribe now so you don't miss DkS Content!

    Post by ChizFreak on Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:02 pm

    Hello community

    Yes, the Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition, will be released 24th of August (2 days left!), so, why don't ya subscribe right now so you don't miss the Lordran fun?

    Just edited the channel background with some images of Dark Souls. So at least the channel page has a more Dark Souls feeling. Now, I declare that from now on until I get bored (which will take a while) I will upload only Dark Souls videos, (though maybe I
    upload some Diablo III videos but just ignore them if you want to).

    So, if you want DkS action just check out my channel this Friday! Though keep in mind that while I play and record a lot, it will surely take some time for uploads. So at least, you will be able to watch some DkS videos the weekend. As I said before, my channel will have some playthroughs mainly as guides or as a playthrough where I'm using a
    funny build. Now, what you all want more: PvP! There will be lots of PvP. Keep in mind that in my PS3 I must had created more than 35 different characteres. And beated the game more than 40 times. And putted more than 2600 hours into the game. So I'm very experienced.

    Also I will take video requests, like: "Hey Chiz, could you do a video where you use X build in PvP", and I will answer: "Hell yeah bro, subscribe so you don't miss it!". Also I hope Dark Souls for PC has more than 10 save slots so I don't have to be erasing characters to create new ones.

    So basically the content will be:

    • PvE playthroughs to serve as a guide.
    • LOTS of PvP videos; including the new Battle Arena mode, which comes with this new edition, which will allow to play 2 vs 2 games.
    • Requested videos, like "please try X build in PvP".
    • A full playthrough of the new content of the Prepare to Die Edition.
    • Videos showing most secrets I find in the new areas, because most secrets of original areas have already been showed enough.
    • Almost exclusive content of Dark Souls.
    • I'll be playing the PC edition with my PS3 controller using a program. Basically it emulates the Xbox 360 controller. So, no need to get used to keyboard to play this, I'm kicking butts right from the start!
    • And finally, PvP-based or Boss-based strategy videos, to show you how to beat X boss, or me telling some tips about PvP, like how to use a type of weapon or miracles, good combinations of spells/miracles, etc.
    • Extra: Paladin Leeroy owning everyone! My main build in my PS3 was a cosplay
      build of Paladin Leeroy, and worked pretty well in PvP, strong attack of Grant: kicks ***!
    • The chance to appear in my videos if you have the game on PC! Just add me on Steam! Check my sign to see my ID.
    Also I want to say that I will complete the wiki of Dark Souls with all the relevant info I find about the new content.

    My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChizFreak

    Subscribe now so you don't miss the videos of Dark Souls next Friday/weekend!

    PS: Obviously right now I don't have DkS content because the game will be released as I said this Friday (2 days left) , but after you subscribe, you can check out my Diablo III videos, some Bastion gameplay, and finally a mini-failed playthrough of me playing King's Field IV: The Ancient City (< predecessor of Demon's Souls, from FromSoftware too).

    Hope to see you in my videos !

    BONUS: Join right now to the official Steam Group of Dark Souls !

    Link:: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/darksoulspreparetodie

    The Ninja Assassin - 1st Leeroy Cosplayer
    Master Backstabber - Daddy Long Legs

    PSN ID: ChizFreak - Steam ID: ChizFreak - YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChizFreak

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    Re: [Reminder] 2 Days left for Launch, Check my Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition YouTube Channel! Subscribe now so you don't miss DkS Content!

    Post by Wade_Wilson on Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:58 pm

    Sorry dude, but this smacks of advertising.

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