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    Post by Isirith on Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:46 am

    Making my way to the Gargoyles, having some fun playing normally. Spending some quality time
    with low levels such as myself. Bam! Invader. Your typical Invader I already knew we were all toast.

    Another 45 minutes of trying to get to the Gargoyles and I'm just met by more Invaders.. *sigh*
    And I'm sat thinking to myself.
    Who HONESTLY has fun fighting someone who stands no chance of fighting back!?
    And I'm just wondering if these people would hang out at a kid's park and pick on kid's.
    Y'know they can't fight back either!

    I know I know, play Hollow or play Offline. :/
    Hope they fix all these glitches and do a save game patch that's like.

    Y'know all your previously hacked stuff? IT'S GONE LOL! Umadbro?

    On the plus side starting a brand new character with no extras has been great fun. And some of the people
    I've bumped into have been a right jolly bunch!

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    Re: Ofcourse!

    Post by BIG TIME MASTER on Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:38 am

    I usually go hollow and leave my white sign around. I totally agree, playing with low levels, especially people new to the game is always the most fun. You get to relive all the hilarious mistakes you made and help them out too. But don't help too much!
    Sometimes I'll give a few titanite pieces or a few humanity, but not so much to cheapen their experience.

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