[PSN] Covenant of Artorias [CoA Clan]



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    [PSN] Covenant of Artorias [CoA Clan]

    Post by Artorias_Abysswalker on Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:00 am

    Hi, this is my first time posting a thread in like 8 years lol so here we go again.
    Clan Lore: (Will work on)
    CoA Clan Objectives: Co-op, and PVP Co-op. Players can join if they are willing to help those to get to higher levels for and until NG ++++++.If you want to lower chances of invasions, lag stabs, Afking, Suiciding or bad players and hatemail, i suggest this clan. (For example, Sunbros and Princess Guard Covenants would perfer this)
    Accepted Covenants: Princess Guard, Warrior of Sunlight and if convienent Way of White or Darkwraith.
    Code of Conduct & Honour 7: (any suggestion to change?)
    - Do not bow if you dont have to, bow if your dueler is bowing to create telepathy.
    _ No 2vs1, 3vs1, unless otherwise or player does not show telepathy as above.
    _ If you invade, only invade as Darkwraith or if your part of Cov. Way of White.
    - When in a present session, if the Host decides to end it, you must both agree or host sends a message to that member saying so.
    - Healing in any gameplay is encouraged, Divine Blessings should not be duped.
    - Show patience and respect if your being assisted by a member or being assassinated by invaders.
    - Invaders, using teamplay unless invader does not show telepathy shows no respect, should and will be defeated.
    Rankings: (any suggestion to change?)
    Ex: [Your PSNID Name] - [Title](Titles only reserved for Elite Members.)
    * 1. Commanders - (I or anyone i pick)

    * 2. Elite - (Members with special privledge advised by the Commander.)

    * 3. Veteran - (New members that can be promoted by the Elite members, they can take part in special events.) (any suggestion to change?)

    * 4. Novice - (Promoted by Veteran or Elite, and can not participate in special events)

    * 5. Members that are new to the clan can tryout, all though certain amount of hours should be considered until becoming a Novice member. (Veteran members, Elite members and anyone else privledged by a higher ranked member can invite new members that wish to tryout.) (any suggestion to change?)

    Conclusion: If anyone enjoys good PVP or challenging a boss in NG+, (encouraged) i would suggest this clan for newer players willing to make some time and commitment and or those that can help any other Soul Level progress. Verse this with players that will ruin your progress, that i have implied is quite common with free lance players, this makes members more willing to make the commitment to the clan. I do not take credit for the Clan's name for its from the game and i advise those that are wishing to help other members will stick to the game's original (Default) style of gameplay, and roleplay is welcomed.
    This clan has no level ristrictions. Enjoy:lol!:

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    Re: [PSN] Covenant of Artorias [CoA Clan]

    Post by ViralEnsign_ on Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:24 am

    We sort of have a USer Covenant like this Called the Scions of Artorias...


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    Re: [PSN] Covenant of Artorias [CoA Clan]

    Post by DoughGuy on Tue Aug 21, 2012 5:19 am

    Why are there 3 threads that are virtually the same just with different names?

    There's more to them - Want to know why your favourite NPC is in lordran? Find out here.
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    Re: [PSN] Covenant of Artorias [CoA Clan]

    Post by whitechikz11 on Tue Aug 21, 2012 5:23 am

    pshhhht...it's a mimic

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    Re: [PSN] Covenant of Artorias [CoA Clan]

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