Darkroot hydra



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    Darkroot hydra

    Post by braydog1124 on Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:56 pm

    Ps3. soul level 45. need help with the hydra. thanks in advance.


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    Re: Darkroot hydra

    Post by sendicard on Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:59 am

    I don't have the Ps3 but I assume it is the same strategy.

    Trust me at level 45 the hydra is more tedious than hard.

    Pick yourself up either the knight shield or the heater shield as they are both easy to get that early in the game, and both have 100% physical.

    Kill the crystal golems quickly by dodging their moves and doing a few hard strikes and rolls. Be prepared to guard, although that shouldn't be a problem with the knight or heater shield. If you must, lead them one by one away from the hydra and take them out that way, if not you can get them hit by the blasts. They damage both you and the enemies.

    After the golems are taken care of, you can get to the hydra.

    Have on light equipment so you can run, preferably at least at normal speed, and simply speed down the mountain. If he shoots straight at you then just run, the explosion should go behind you far enough where you are fine. If all else fails, guard. For some reason the blasts are 100% physical, and therefore can be guarded. Just try not to guard more than 1 at a time, hell you shouldn't need to guard any of them.

    Once you make it too the river forget the blasts and just run towards it. Be sure to watch the ground because of the drop off. Once your next to the drop off, the hydra will stop shooting and just send its heads at you. This is the easy part, no more than a single head should hit you at a time, and they take a very small amount of stamina away so you can guard it without problem. I can guard them on my level 4, no way you can't. Just remember that stamina recharges faster when your not guarding, so try to only guard when your enemy is attacking.

    Once it has lunged and you have guarded, chances are there is a head next to you, just wail on it for a second... Just try to remember your standing next to an instant kill drop off, so don't go to crazy and forget that. Once the heads leave don't guard until your stamina is about full, they make a pretty obvious motion when they are about to attack.

    If you go too far after the heads they will start shooting blasts at you when the heads get back up, this can be remedied by quickly rolling forward and getting close to the drop off again.

    The most annoying parts are after the first four heads, when the heads are normally landing away from you, at this point you really don't even need to guard anymore. Just do it anyway as a safety measure. Two hand your weapon and run slash one of the heads before it goes back up. Then roll back to the original spot. Eventually you will be stuck with one head that is most likely attacking far away from you. Just shoot it with a bow if you don't want to spend a while chasing after it.

    Just.. Once again remember your standing on a cliff, and cliffs have an annoyingly overpowered amount of damage and hp, so they aren't to be underestimated.

    If you want the battle to go quicker go for more damage once you are in the lake and hack away.

    Another way to speed up the battle would be to go back to the undead asylum first and get the rusted iron ring. That can be found behind the gate near the spear man next to the plunging part of the boss chamber. Grab the key before you get there. Remember to be careful of the drop with the stray demon, and to hit your old cell before you leave for the peculiar doll so you can get to the painted world.

    Just remember that this boss isn't even required, just used for a shortcut and getting the sorceress in the red golem. So if you are having too hard of a time for some strange reason, feel free to level up a few times and come back.

    Feel free to message me with any questions if I was unclear.

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