Need help deciding what builds to bring where.


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    Need help deciding what builds to bring where.

    Post by Rifter7 on Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:18 pm

    hello. i plan to take 3 builds and set them up in different areas for hosting pvp matches.

    1. parish, blight, cata, forest.

    2. sens, cata, demon, forest.

    3. ariamis, archives, crystal, tomb, izalith, d anor.

    burg, basin, depths and basement where left out as they're in all of them.
    the three builds i plan to bring are all different. one has a mlgs with sorceries, another a cblade and the last a halberd, both with pyros. the cblader has fire tempest, the halberder doesn't have a bow on quickslot.

    is there any particular ng+ bosses i should be wary of or certain advantages to the builds in different areas?
    otherwise they're just going to be hosting matches.

    if i can give an example, i felt the mlgs would be right at home invading in sens. the cblader i felt would be good in ariamis for those tight buildings. i'd just be leaving them there to constantly invade when i'm not hosting, or pretend to be questing and fight off invaders.

    ahah.. like i'd just let the invader see me in full eknight armor and a broadsword from the distance then go hide in the corner somewhere with full giants/mom mask on and blast them when they run into the trap.


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